Year 6, Pittsburgh Fashion Week will continue to show exquisite high fashion runway shows! Bringing fashion on the rise and highlighting what makes ours a region of style as well as steel at a time when Pittsburgh is emerging as a world-class city. With its unique pace of fashion shows around the city showcasing 27 Designers and close to 350 models, runway will strut a new style of fashion entertainment and become the Lincoln Center of Pittsburgh. We are looking forward to seeing YOU there! Pittsburgh Fashion Week continues to bring EXQUISITE high fashion runway shows!
Welcome to Pittsburgh Fashion Week

Pittsburgh Fashion Week is a cultural and social event that will grow each year, giving experts one more reason to name the city “America’s Most Livable.” While the city’s championship sports teams, unique cultural amenities, and wonderful people have put Pittsburgh on the map, Pittsburgh Fashion Week will help make sure we stay there.

     Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2015


September 21 through September 27, 2015

Our young fashionista Pittsburgh Fashion Week turned 5 years young and Pittsburgh has helped to raise her.

We have worked diligently within the communities to showcase the top trending fashions that the city has to offer. With 27 designers and close to 350 models strutted the runways last year, we plan to make this year stronger, better and fabulous.

Pittsburgh Fashion Week leads our city’s unique yet popular style into the forefronts of the fashion world through our runways showcasing genres such as petite & plus sizes, eco-chic and men’s wear. In addition to social media events Pop Up Fashion C.O.R.E. (Create Opportunity for Real Exposure) Season II, new segment Pop Up Street-Style and monthly e-Newsletter Fashion Scoop, one can keep updated

Our ‘Most Livable City’ has proven it’s title with not only champion sports teams, beautiful living scenery, and welcoming people and with unprecedented fashion entertainment that serves as home to Pittsburgh’s top designers, retailers, industry insiders, and lovers of style.
We take pride in highlighting the very communal fashion that is initiated in Pittsburgh and spreads among the nation as the top trends of the season.

Join us at the runway as we share our passion for fashion and celebrate the luxurious class that Pittsburgh brings to the fashion community!

YEAR 6 is quickly underway!!!…another explosive week coming YOUR way!

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Monday Sept. 21, 2015 The O.N.E. Designers Showcase

Tuesday Sept. 22, 2015 Designers Showcase

Wednesday Sept. 23, 2015 Designers Showcase

Also, visit our 2015 Schedule for additional fashion shows

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